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Foliar Fertilizer Lithovit Boron

Buy wide range of Lithovit Boron Foliar Fertilizers from Germany, at competitive market rate. These fertilizers contain Boron Oxide giving 5% of Boron element. Boron plays a significant role in cell elongation, hormones response, nucleic acid synthesis, and membrane function in order to strength the cell walls. The deficiency of Boron in plants can lead to black necrosis of young leaves and terminal buds. Stems become brittle and stiff and there is a loss of apical dominance. Therefore, Lithovit Boron Foliar Fertilizers offered by us are highly recommended to face Boron deficiency in the frequently watered soils, specially in rice fields.

  • Helps in enhancing plant growth and quality
  • Strengthen cell walls
  • Increases yield as well as reduces water requirement
  • Chlorophyll is increased