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Product Showcase

We also produce Zeoactive which is tribodynamically  extremely micronized and highly activated Zeolith (clinoptilolite). It is an excellent absorber of heavy metals, toxines, bacteria and ammonia from animal feed and fish water ponds. Also, it absorbs excellently radioactivity fron contaminated water.

Our range of products like Amino Acid Fertilizers,Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer, etc is successfully marketed in more than 60 counties all across the globe.

Our entire range of products is highly effective which are used for grassland, intensive cultivation, field crops, fodder plants, forestry and horticulture. In addition to this, it finds application in domestic garden as well. The gamut is prepared with extensive milling and activation process in Hi-tech Mill for conversion. The material converted into a form that releases the  nutrients quickly and easily inside the plant leaves or right at the leaf surface so that they diffuse instantly inside.

Further, our expanding company (formerly Zeovita GmbH) become a shareholder in the year 2013, which is managed by the board members Mr. Bernd Riedel (chairman), Mrs. Verena Riedel and Mr. Peter E. Krull. Prof. Dr. Abdel-Latif Bilal is the Head of Scientific Advice & Marketing with extensive knowledge on developing of our products like Amino Acid Fertilizers, Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer, etc as well as their application on horticultural and agricultural field.


We are educating numerous farmers in using organic fertilizers for the cultivation. We make them understand the merit of the products and its safe usages. We organize various programs in villages where our scientists and agricultural experts educate the villagers about the use of our range. We also use various tools in explaining our motto and process to them. Further, we are expanding our wings to various corners of the country and becoming the first choice of the client.

Why Tribodynamic Activation Process?

We follow Tribodynamic Activation (TDA) process for best use of natural raw material and the active substances. According to the micronization process, in high tech micromill rotating with 20,000   revolutions per minute, the material inside accelerates to super sonic speed. This process lead to collision of particles in rapid succession once every 1/10,000 of second until they break down to grain sizes between 200 nm and almost <10-µm and are so tribodynamically activated. During the milling process the high level of mechanical energy is converted to activation energy of the particles and is manifested as break down their chemical and crystal bond, as deformation of their lattice and, much more important, as shifting their negative electric charge to the surface, which leads to quick release of the nutrients in plants and their fast metabolization.

Quality Control Process

We follow quality control process throughout our business operation. It is done to ensure that the quality of Organic Fertilizers is stringently maintained till the time of dispatch. The ingredients and material used for formulation of the finished products are subject to quality check before the purchase. The activity is governed by experienced team of quality controllers. They make sure that the gamut is made as per the government regulation and standards. The range is quality inspected on the basis of below mentioned parameters:

  • pH value
  • Content
  • Chemical composition
Our Products

Being a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier, we offer comprehensive range of high quality fertilizers. The range is formulated using superior grade ingredients and material. Our products are known for their accurate composition, industry relevant pH value, pure and stable under different condition nature. The range of Fertilizers are listed below:

100% Organic Foliar Fertilizers:
  • Amino Acid Fertilizers
  • Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer
  • Lithovit Standard
  • Lithovit Forte
  • Lithovit-Amino Acids
  • Lithovit-Guano
  • Lithovit-Boron
  • Combi Pack
Semi organic Foliar Fertilizers:
  • Lithovit-Urea
  • Lithovit-NPK
Organic Tribodyn Soil Fertilizer
Organic Tribodyn Zeoactive Absorber
We also produce Zeoactive, an extremely micronized and highly activated special natural zeolith (clinoptilolite), which acts excellently as absorber of heavy metals, toxines, bacteria and ammonia from animal food as well as from fish water ponds

Processing Unit

We have sound processing unit, where our activated Organic Fertilizers like Amino Acid Fertilizers, Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer, etc are formulated as per agricultural need of the farmers. We have modern machines and plant in our unit helping us in completing the given tasks to us on time. We use blenders, mixers and bulk vessels for the development of the array. Our unit is spread across a large area of land helping in manufacturing quality products in bulk quantity and under one roof. This unit is managed and looked after by experienced team of researchers and scientists.